A child enters the foster care system

You can make positive difference in a child's life by providing temporary or permanent care.

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At RaiseAChild, everyone is welcome.
We are proud of our history of serving LGBTQ+ individuals and all folks who
wish to open their hearts and homes to a child in need.

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Fostering PROCESS

Working with RaiseAChild

When working with RaiseAChild, our Parent Advocate team work 1-on-1 with you to understand your needs and goals to match you with the right agency for you.

Chat with our team
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Attend RaiseAChild info session

Sign up to attend an Info Session to learn more about mentoring, respite care, fostering, and adoption.

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Connect Parent Advocate team

A RaiseAChild Parent Advocate is here to speak with you and address your questions about fostering.

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Receive personal agency referral

Your RaiseAChild Parent Advocate will connect you with an agency to complete the necessary training.

Adults in a classroom learning
Become trained and certified

Training classes are designed to prepare you for fostering a child and help you become certified.

Fostering Resources

RaiseAChild partners with organizations across the country to provide
resources and support for fostering parents and families.

A Home Within

Pro-bono mental health resources for youth in foster care

Learn more
Life Works

Mentoring opportunities for LGBTQ youth ages 12-24

Learn more

Helping parents whose children struggle with learning issues

Learn more

Free online education resources for 6th -12th graders

Learn more
The Pop Luck Club

Working to advance the well-being of gay dads and their children

Learn more
UCLA Ties for Families

Free training, intervention, education, and services for resource families


Helping parents with children struggle with learning and attention

Learn more
Second Nurture

Creating cohorts of adoptive families within supportive communities

All Children - All Families

Enhancing LGBT cultural competence among child welfare professionals

Learn more
Family Equality Council

Works to improve understanding and provide special events for LGBT families

Learn more
Welcoming Schools

Providing professional tools, lessons, and resources for educators

Learn more

Free online education resources for 6th -12th graders

Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Why work with RaiseAChild?

We're committed to finding safe and affirming homes for children in foster care. Our team understands the diverse needs of children in foster care and works to improve equity, equality, respect, and inclusion in foster care.

What is an info session?

RaiseAChild hosts FREE monthly information sessions to help individuals understand how they can support children in foster care.

How do I start?

Sign up to attend our upcoming free info sessions. Connect with our Parent Advocate team to learn more about how you can improve the life of a child in foster care. Have questions? Chat with us